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May 19, 2013 10:00am EDT
. shaun invited some of them to come to new york city to dance with him and share their stories. watch this. [cheering and applause...] >> what's up, y'all? what's up? >> my name is amanda bushley. i'm from lake roy, missouri. i have lost 75 pounds on hip hop abs and i have got some rock-hard abs. >> yeah! >> hi, my name is amy. i have two kids and a six-pack thanks to shaun t. >> yeah! >> i'm anne robinson, i'm 32. i'm from roy, utah. got three beautiful daughters and i am a hot mama. >> my name is tamara jackson and i lost 70 pounds thanks to hip hop abs. >> my name is diane. i'm from salt lake city, utah. i've had two kids, gone from a size 16 to a size 6, and look at these abs! >> announcer: get ready, because you're about to find out how to save 75% off hip hop abs! if you're looking to shed the fat, a way to flatten and sculpt your core and finally get those tight, sexy, toned abs of your dreams, then stop doing sit-ups. >> woman: say what?! >> announcer: and start dancing with hip hop abs, the fun, new ab-sculpting system that takes the world's hottest dance moves and turns them
May 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
get wet. knuckles! emerl! you just wrecked the city. and you attacked my mother and my friends. i want to help you, emerl, but only if you promise not to hurt anybody else. do you? chao! chao! [ electricity crackling ] no! that was a real close one. ugh. he's almost as tough as me. [ groans ] [ whimpering ] chao! chao! ha! cha-a-a-a-o! whoa. they're tough. but how could they hurt emerl? they're just a couple of squirts, but they've got that robot swamped. chao! emerl can only copy the skills of one opponent at a time. if you work together, he'll be overwhelmed! that might work. what do you say? i'll try anything to knock off that knock-off. sonic: no. why not? rouge and i can take him easy if we attack him together. yeah, i know. but i think we should let cream and cheese handle this. now, let's go! chao chao! emerl, i wish i didn't have to do this. [ gasps ] goodbye, chris. [ laughter ] uuhhhhh! [ crying ] chao, chao, chao. chao, chao, chao, chao. don't cry, cheese. we had to do it. aah! goodbye, emerl. topaz: headquarters, this is the seahawk. we've run into heavy fog. visibility is
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2